Monday, 17 May 2010


So - the second cupboard. Design started months and months ago, when I though "That cupboard is a state - I need to use that space better", and came up with a plan of putting shelves up the top, and some drawers at the bottom.

The shelves shouldn't be so deep that stuff gets lost at the back, and the top shelf should be slightly shallower than the rest, otherwise it won't be possible to reach up and over.

At least one of the drawers should be deep enough to store my walking boots (as all my occasionally used shoes just clutter the place), and the whole thing should be sturdy enough to climb on to reach the top shelf.

Important note: the cupboard door partially blocks the cupboard, so the drawers can't be full-width if I ever want to open them :-)

I made a rough sketch with approximate dimensions, but don't know where it is at the moment, so you'll have to take my word for it that it was genius - despite later making radical changes to it later.

After my success with cupboard #1, I started sketching a second draft for cupboard #2, of which I do have a picture:

Design sketches

Top right is the timber framework to contain three drawers, and the rest are joint designs (some used, some not).

The plan was to use the wood's inherent strengths via proper joints, rather than just screwing/nailing/gluing everything.

The joint immediately below the framework shows a side-to-side horizontal, inset with a front-to-rear horizontal, with vertical posts, all to be fixed with dowels. This provides the support for each drawer directly (i.e. not using guide rails). This might result in drawers that are a bit hard to pull and push, but I'm hoping that decent design plus a bit of wax to make them slide should see me alright :-)

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