Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New shelves

I got the tool I was waiting for today - W00t! I'll talk about that later, once these posts have caught up...

Back in the chronology of the build, I've got the drawers design looking quite solid, but need to put the replacement shelves in before any of the drawers (while access is clear for my step ladder).

This requires more plans:

Shelves plan

Three shelves, the top one shallower for ease of access, and at a reachable height (for me at least). The other two shelves evenly spaced, of course.

There's usually lots of notation about which way is up, forwards, backwards, etc. in my plans - better to note it than make a stupid mistake, I think.

Disliking waste, I like to make good use of the resources available - i.e. re-use stuff that I've already got. This includes some 6mm plywood from the original shelves in cupboard #1 I can use for these shelves :-) It's a little bit bendy, but I'm providing more support timber than it's original use, and the shelves are slightly smaller so will probably have a lighter load.

One trip to the DIY store for the wood (for this and the drawers framework), followed by lots more measuring (the cupboard isn't quite square), sawing, drilling and screwing; and this is the result:
Cupboard 2 - re-shelved

The ply looks a bit crap in place, next to the pine, but hopefully a coat of paint will make it a bit more respectable.

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