Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Just emailed to my MP...

Here's what I just emailed to my MP:

Dear Andrew Smith,

Following on from our contact in March this year regarding the Digital Economy Bill (now Act)[1], it transpires [2] that consumers - via ISPs - will be expected to prop up the business model [3] of a devious, manipulative, and profiteering music industry [4].

Asides from the insult to democracy that was this ridiculous Bill's journey to an Act [5], I find the plan of spending money on bureaucracy and lawyers for no public benefit utterly disgusting, and expect you to work toward the repeal of sections 11-18 of the DEA.

Unfortunately your previous responses have given me no confidence that you have any understanding of the damaging results the DEA will have for individuals [6] and the information economy - I hope that you will read the referenced articles, and further hope for an enlightened response...

Yours sincerely,
David Balch

[5] a shocking lack of understand was demonstrated.
[6] e.g.
I heartily recommend everyone else do something similar with their MP.