Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Light Canvas

Another new project! This one started around October, and is a result of three different threads coming together:
  1. I bought a canvas print for my bedroom, a rather nice false-coloured X-ray photo of flowers (probably based on Nick Veasly's work).
  2. 20101026_001.jpg
  3. I need a decent bedside light to replace the rather inelegant broken anglepoise I use at the moment - and preferably something dimmable so I have the option to introduce myself to the day gently.
  4. My guitar lights project (more on that later) has been stalled for around two years, and I could do with a simple LED project to learn and gain some experience with electronics.

The predominantly black canvas immediately suggested a short, wide white canvas emitting white light. I think it could look very cool, and give a nice diffuse light to the room through a rough canvas texture. Including a fader will allow me to control how bright it is.

The basic design is:
  • A wooden frame the same width as the print, but a third of the height. I was vaguely thinking about the rule of thirds when I chose that height, but mainly it was a good fit for the space between the bedhead and print.
  • White LEDs in the frame, with on/off and fader controls, and power supplied via an external switched adaptor (e.g. a typical wall-wart). The LEDs might need some sort of diffuser so the canvas emits light reasonably uniformly.
  • A white canvas stretched over the frame. Obviously, this needs to be thin enough to let the LED light through, but be thick enough to be durable. It should have some texture, for the aesthetic.

From that design, there are a lot of details to work out, starting with:
  • What LEDs do I need? How many? How should I arrange them? What rating power supply will they need? How do I wire it all up?
  • Do I really want canvas - what other options are there?
  • How do I get the frame? Buy pre-made or construct it myself?

Stay tuned for answers to all these questions and more...

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