Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Final finish

Everything thus far unpainted gets a coat, and the visible bits of the shelves get a second coat, and are left to dry.

A quick sand down the top and front (drawers and fascia), and then a second coat of paint for a smoother finish (apparently).

Drawers with second coat of paint

It might turn out that the insides of the drawers will need a second coat, or the commonly visible parts need a third - but I can always go back to it if that's the case. Probably not though.

So that's the cupboard done - de-shelved, re-shelved, and drawer-ed:

The whole cupboard

Flat front

Everything painted and in place.

Of course, the cupboard is now mostly full with all the tools I bought in order to fit it out!

With stuff in.

Job's a good'un :-)

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